34-th Annual -- Connecticut River Raft Race -- July 25, 2008

Friday's Grilling Contest

For its inaugural year this grilling contest was an immediate hit! As an opener to the 34th Annual CT River Raft Race, racers camping the night before were invited to participate in a grilling contest. This contest had one rule, cook over an open flame. Grilling mad man and overall food lover, Tommy Foote came not only with seasoned apple and peach wood and natural hardwood chips, but also with his smoking grill that required three guys and a truck to relocate it from his home to the campground. Mr. Foote threw down the gauntlet! Other grillers did their best with creative recipes such as Thai spiced pork kebobs, grilled sweet potato smores, and stir fry, but they didnít stand a chance against Tommyís grilled sirloin tips with asparagus and freshly caught Fluke from the Sound. His offerings were clean and perfectly seasoned not to hinder any of the natural flavors!

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