34-th Annual -- Connecticut River Raft Race -- July 26, 2008

Saturday's Festivities

Even though the race was called off due to high water and dangerous rafting conditions the 34th Annual Raft Race still took place as scheduled. Granted, it was a big disappointment that the raft racing segment of the event had to be cancelled; especially since everyone had spend so much time and effort preparing their vessel for the event. But everyone agreed that cancelling the race was the right call. Participants looking out at the Connecticut River were greeted with the sight of fast turbulent floodwaters washing all sorts of floating debris downstream. There were whole trees floating downstream, huge logs, and all sorts of other flotsam coming downstream. The dangerous conditions were quite apparent and nobody questioned the race committee’s decision to call off the racing portion of the event. The Sonics were still on hand to provide live entertainment and they truly rocked the Portland Riverside Marina. Most of the racing teams set up a picnic area and enjoyed delicious grilled foods, various snacks, and cold frosty beverages; all the while listening to the music. Lots of folks put on their dancing shoes and boogied throughout the afternoon. Many people also enjoyed a game of horseshoes and or bit of volleyball. There was much socializing going on as well and everyone seemed to have plenty of food and conversation to share with their neighbors. Two new raft racing teams decided to trailer their newly constructed rafts to a lake where they could try out their creations in a safer body of water. And who could blame them for being eager to try out their newly constructed rafts. In the end a good time was had by all and everyone was able to enjoy the day’s events.

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