Legendary Sweeper Rafts From An Era Gone By

These are three of the largest and most prominent Sweeper rafts that played a key role in the Connecticut River Raft Race. These majestic rafts cruised on the Connecticut River for close to three decades and all were commanded by high-ranking senior committee officials who organized the raft race each year. These magnificent vessels chronicled the deep-rooted tradition of raft racing on the Connecticut River. At this moment in time these rafts sit idle and have been surrendered to the elements.

The River Phoenix, Captained by Malcolm Chapman, had its last race in 2004. Some time later she suffered a broken stern when she floated off her poppets during a spring flood and then came resting on her engine once the waters subsided. Once repairs are made to her stern she may once again ply the calm waters of the Connecticut River. The Raft America, Captained by Eddie Bruce, had its last race in 2007. Eddie is currently conducting negotiations in an effort to transfer the raft to another owner. The Miss Moon, Captained by Bob Niland, also had her last race in 2007. Miss Moon is currently being salvaged by her owners. They have plans to resurrecting this noble raft by transforming the materials used to build her into something new and unique.

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